Beauty and the Beast

If you told me that a modern version of Beauty and the Beast set in a New York Police Department would work, I wouldn't believe you either, but somehow it does. Vincent Keller, a victim of a military experiment gone awry, finds himself hunted by the very people who changed his DNA, while at the same time scouring NYC in an attempt to protect innocent people. Detective Catherine Chandler, who was saved from death by Vincent years ago, balances her responsibility to her cop partner and boss while falling more in love with Vincent every episode.

And of course, Vincent and Catherine's biggest problem is getting some alone time from his best friend and her sister. Biggest problem other than the fact that, you know, he's being hunted by crazy scientists.

Cheesy? Sure.

Riveting? For some reason, yes.


Airs Thursdays 9/8c

Run time: 60 minutes