If any show is going to rival Gossip Girl on pure ridiculousness and absurdity, 90210 would be that show. It started off simply enough, a family moves from Kansas to Beverly Hills when the father gets a new job as principal of a high school. But the simplicity ends there. There are drugs and teen pregnancies and cancer scares and attempted murders and kidnappings and everything in between. If nothing else, 90210 is always sure to surprise.

Annie flirts with the escort business and then writes a blog-turned-book about it. Dixon owns a music label. Naomi is just disgustingly rich. Liam becomes a movie star. Adriana falls from stardom. Silver gets a surrogate so she can have a baby. Navid hosts a fight club and sneaks his way into internships. And somewhere in there I think some of them go to college? Or maybe they just hang out in the cafeteria. Something like that.


Airs Mondays 9/8c

Run time: 60 minutes