Jewish History


History of Judaism

Brief History

Judaism dates back to 1000bc with roots in the Middle East. They draw guidance from the Hebrew Bible or Tankah and worship one God. There are roughly 13.4 million Jews worldwide with 42% living in Israel, 42% in the USA and Canada and the remainder in Europe. The Jewish house of worship is called the Synagogue and the dietary laws are called the kashrut. Persecution is a major part of Jewish history and anti-sematic acts have been performed throughout the ages.
Hannukah Menorah

Major Jewish Holidays

Plaited Challah Bread

Jewish Cuisine

Jewish cuisine or Kosher Food is food that has been prepared under the Jewish dietary laws, Sabbath laws and holiday rituals. Dishes vary with the different agriculture and economy worldwide. More traditional foods are laden with historical symbolism.

A few commonly known kosher foods are:

-Braided Sabbath bread made with egg. The braided strands of the bread symbolise love.
Matzah Ball Soup
-A thin chicken broth with two or three large matzah balls (dumplings) floating in it.
Gefilte Fish
-A cake of chopped up fish usually served cold.