Rachel Crosby


HEY LADIES. This is your night. This is the one time throughout the week that literally has your name on it. Take a stroll down midtown and what do you see? Women. Everywhere. Wasted and what not. Why?

Because the drinks are free. And the men want to see you enjoy those free drinks, so they're everywhere too.

"Every Wednesday I go out with my girls," said Sarah Pappas, 21, psychology junior. "It's a weekly staple that can't be missed! Unless you have an exam or work or something generally important the next day, of course. . ."

Here are some great options:

Grog House

Ladies drink free until 1 a.m. Regularly, Wednesdays are "Fill up my cup" -- women get a free cup when they walk in the door, and free drinks/refills throughout the night -- but this is not a standard, so you'd have to check. It's okay guys, they also have free beer for everyone from 9:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Show up early!

Gator City

Who doesn't love good old Gator City. Come for the sports and the food, stay for the billiards and the beer. Today, ladies drink ALL NIGHT and Captain is $3 for everyone. Enough said?

Copper Monkey

The best bang for your buck, because if you're a woman, there is no buck. Just like Gator City, ladies drink free drafts and wells ALL night. As for guys, domestic pitchers are $5 for everyone.