Rachel Crosby


Today is the definition of awkward. It's not quite Monday, not quite hump day. It's one of those randoms that nightlife sometimes neglects. But fear not, Tuesday fans. Here are two Gainesville staples that will have you repeating "Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday" like Eddie Murphy in Norbit.

Token Tuesday at the TOP

This is just an awesome idea. Buy a drink, get a token. What does that token get you? A FREE drink of your choice. A fun night out with the girls or a tantalizingly too-good downward spiral? Find out for yourself.

Tankard Tuesday at the Midnight

If you like beers and brews, this one is for you. Enjoy tankards (25 oz) domestic drafts for only $2.50 while craft and premium beer tankards are $4. Even though Tuesdays aren't traditionally eventful, this spot never fails.

Techno Tuesday at 101 Downtown

Last but not least, if you're really ready to go crazy tonight and embrace the fact that it's Tuesday, head downtown for something different. No cover, a club atmosphere and great drink specials. Why not?