Rachel Crosby

"Thirsty" Thursday

Every college student's favorite atypical-but-very-typical night out: Thursday. It's like Friday-Eve. You HAVE to celebrate.

"A good Thursday night out is like a kickstart to my weekend," said Dunstan Wallace, 24. "I grew up in this city, and every time Thursday rolls around, I'm hardly ever home."

Here are two clubbing options that will suit your spirits:

Doowutchyalike Night at the Atlantic

The epitome of hipster heaven. This place is a gold mine. Cover is $5-$7 depending on your age, but it's money well spent. They play a large variety of music, some pop, some EDM, some underground, but all great to dance to. Plus this night is well known for its photographers and great commemorative photos on Facebook, so be sure to wear something snazzy.

All Champagne Everything at Simon's Nightclub

Are you classy? It's OK, neither are we. But if there were ever a night that made you feel like you were, ACE Thursdays at Simon's sure as hell will. Ladies get free cover all night, free champagne from 11 p..m. to 12 a.m. and free wells from 12-1 a.m.