YOU need to Start Somewhere

This entire site is encouraging information to get you back on track with photographing. You started doing it for a reason and you were happy, but somewhere along the way, you stopped picking up your camera and stopped creating. Pushing yourself to make the effort to improve your skill or even pick up a camera is all that’s needed for right now. When you so, everything else will start falling into place accordingly. It’s just the incentive you need, that’s all.

If it seems daunting, or even if it looks like hard don’t run from it, but ease yourself back in. Take a picture once a week of your favorite pasta dish, your cat being weird, and your neighbor’s bright running shoes. Starting off slow is the way to go. Eventually that internal curiosity will kick in and you’ll be back on your feet with a camera at-the-ready all the time. You’ll discover what you love to photograph, and what you don’t. You’ll find that you have knack for lighting or angles. You’ll put some of your photos online and watch others’ interest peak at the site of your work.

It all starts with picking up your camera and pushing a button.

I want you to CHALLENGE YOURSELF (call to action button).