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Traveling by yourself or with others is an adventure. There is so much to take in that sometimes it’s hard to remember to pull out your camera and snap a picture, but when you look back after your vacation, you’ll be glad you did.

I take travel photography personally. I snap photos that capture the essence of where I am or what I am currently doing.

Although, depending on your own personal style this could be different, but always keep an open mind while traveling. Everything happens very fast and capturing it is most important.

Be prepared:

- Again, bring some extra batteries

- Try out some lenses

- Capture people, places, events or objects that may seem foreign or different than what you’d normally expect

- If you’re traveling with others, make sure to capture them (if you want) and you could make it a fun lifestyle photo

- Taking a picture is better than not taking one

The best travel advice would be to keep your camera on you at all times. A rain protectant might be of good value.