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The Portrait

A simple definition of a portrait is a photograph of a single person.

Your duty as the photographer is to frame your shots around this single person.

With style comes perspective. They way you take a portrait is dependent on how you like to shoot, but here are some basic pointers to work with.

- Make sure your subject is visible/clear

- Make sure the background your subject is in front of, isn’t too busy or just the opposite. If the subject is wearing plain simple clothes, the background can always play up an image and make it more appealing to the eye.

- Ask your subject what they feel comfortable doing as car as positioning.

o They may not know but trial and error with body placement will help you both find the most suitable position

- This rule also applies with facial expressions. If a simple smile is all that is needed, making your subject laugh is the best way to get an honest smile.

o Trial and error is also suitable for this and other desired expressions as well.

- What is the focus of your portrait aside from the obvious subject?

o Are they wearing a certain style of clothing?

o Is their hairstyle the focus?

o Is the picture supposed to look natural and relaxed (head shots)?

o Is the portrait supposed to be posed?

o Is it a full body photo or only a close-up?

gain, these simple guidelines can only help layout the foundation for your own portrait style.