I Know How You Feel

I’m not so sure, but maybe you’d like to know what I created this website in the first place.

My main goal is to ultimately help other photographers who have let the cameras collect dust due to other priorities or obligations, regain a passion, hobby or living out of their hidden or suppressed skill.

The reason why I want to help is because I could’ve used it a few years ago. I let other influences such as college, work and worries get in the way of my “useless” hobby.

Now I am turning the game around and making my photographs into something to be proud of and to hopefully make a living off of. Nothing in life is worth doing unless you work hard at it… and if you’re going to be working hard at something it may as well be something you love.

This website highlights certain aspects that helped me start taking pictures again and my hope is that you’ll also benefit from these tips while becoming true to your own style.