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The Lifestyle

This is photojournalism with an artistic flair.

In essence lifestyle pictures are about capturing people doing something that is important to them in general or at a specific time in their life.

These photos can be set up and/or impromptu, but making your subject feel like they’re in their element is your goal.

Also remember that these people picked you to photograph them for a reason. They like the way your photos look and your style.

Always keep in mind that when you photograph for others that you need to remain true to what makes your photographs unique.

When capturing lifestyle photos keep in mind these few things that will, again, layout a base for your photographs.

- Where are you shooting?

- How many people are involved in the shoot?

- What is your subject’s goal or thoughts that they may have?

- How do you want to help your subject accomplish what they’re looking for using your perspective?

- As far as technical details, most follow the same rules as an event photo

o Pack an extra battery

o If you have them, carry one or two extra lenses

o Look for unique, special moments

o Find the detail of the event, no matter how small

o Make sure to capture the main people or objects or people that pertain to the event

o Will the event be indoors or outdoors?

Lifestyle shoots are really popular right now, so looking at some inspiration might be of use to you should you chose this subject to work with.