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The Event

Essentially, welcome to photojournalism.

Event coverage involves being creative in a hurry and trying to capture the essence of an entire event (i.e. weddings, parties, clubs, speeches, concerts, sports games) in a couple hundred photographs using your own style.

There are a few ways to approach this but the best way is to know whom you’re shooting for.

- Are you shooting for your own personal growth?

- Are you shooting for a business?

- Are you shooting for a private party, such as a bride and groom?

Knowing who you’re working for will help you determine what your shots will consist of. When working with others, you must keep an open mind to their needs but also maintaining your style as a photographer.

Some important things to remember while covering an event

- Make a list of activities that will be happening

- Make sure you know the times of all activities

- Pack an extra battery

- If you have them, carry one or two extra lenses

- Look for unique, special moments

- Find the detail of the event, no matter how small

- Make sure to capture the main people or objects or people that pertain to the event

- Will the event be indoors or outdoors?

- How many people will attend the event, and who is notable?

- Always show up early and stay late