Sunset at Balinese Beach

Sydney, Australia

Facts About Region: Sydney has the largest population in Australia at approximately 4.6 million residents. Sydney was the first British colony established in Australia and currently is the capital of New South Wales. Sydney has hosted multiple international sports competitions making it extremely popular.

Tips for Traveling There: While it is nearly impossible to get to Sydney by any means but airplane, there are multiple means of transportation while there. The most popular form of traveling around Sydney is by bus or train.

Things to Do/See There: While in Sydney, one can see the world famous Sydney Opera House or Sydney Harbour Bridge. There are also multiple sport's complexes, as well as, national parks and aquariums.

Why I Want to Travel There: I would love to travel to Sydney because, although it is such a large city, it doesn't seem like your typical urban area. Sydney is littered with multiple diverse sights and activities that are all-encompassing and engaging.

Additional Traveling Info
Sydney Harbour
Sydney Harbour. Photo credit: Claire Cressvell
Opera House
Opera House. Photo credit: Dane Munro