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Mykonos, Greece

Facts About Region: Mykonos is part of the Greek Isles know as Cyclades. There are currently around 10,000 citizens that live there and the most popular industry is tourism. Mykonos has always been extremely popular considering that it is revered in Greek Mythology as the area where Zeus and the Titans battled.

Tips for Traveling There: While there is a small airport only 4km away, the most popular way to get to Mykonos is by ferry. Once on the island, bus, taxi, and small boats are the most popular form of transportation.

Things to Do/See There: While in Mykonos, the most popular things to do are to go to some of their beautiful beaches like Panormas Beach or Paranga Beach. Additionally, the Church of Paraportiani and the Kato Milli Windmills are extremely popular to visit.

Why I Want to Travel There: Since the first time I saw a picture of the beautiful white and blue lined town of Mykonos, I knew that I had to travel there. The consistency in the architecture and being surrounded by water, make Mykonos one of the top places I want to travel to.

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Mykonos Home.
Mykonos Home. Photo credit: Vangelis Thomaidis.
Windmills. Photo credit: Vangelis Thomaidis.


Aubrey Oyler discusses her trip to Mykonos

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