Sunset at Balinese Beach

Cape Town, South Africa

Facts About Region:Cape Town is the most southern city in Africa and is also home to the House of Parliament. It is the second largest city in Africa, and refereed to as the "Mother City" and most iconic city in the area. Due to its tropical climate, fires often pose as a serious problem during the dry summer months.

Tips for Traveling There:If trying to get to Cape Town from another country, it is best to travel in by plane or by boat. However, if you are already in Africa, they have an extremely developed and complex train and bus system to get you to wherever you need to be. Also a large number of residents prefer to scoot, bike, or travel by foot.

Things to Do/See There:While in Cape Town, a popular destination is the monumental Castle of Good Hope. Additionally, due to the lush tropical region, the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens are a popular and beautiful destination. Also mountain climbing is extremely popular and can be done in a multitude of areas.

Why I Want to Travel There:I would love to travel to Cape Town because it seems like a beautiful region with a ton to do. Being on the water and by the mountains, allows for the opportunity to explore all aspects of its beauty. Finally, I love to learn more about various governments so I would love to visit the House of Parliament.

Additional Traveling Info
Cape Point.
Cape Point. Photo credit: Vivek Chugh.
Cape Beach Huts
Cape Beach Huts. Photo credit: Shivani