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Bogota, Columbia

Facts About Region: Bogota is the third largest city in North America, second to New York City and Mexico City. With over 8.8 million people, Bogota offers a mix of mountainous areas, historical catherderals, and a thriving night life.

Tips for Traveling There: Depending on where you are traveling from, the most popular way to get to Bogota is by airplane or bus system. However, once in Bogota, there are a multitude of travel options. These include: taxi, the Transmilenio bus system, or by bicycle.

Things to Do/See There: While Bogota is littered with ancient architecture like La Candelaria region, there are also a multitude of museums. Bogota also offers many performances like Avenida Septima, as well as, futbol games in El Campin Stadium.

Why I Want to Travel There: I would love to travel to Bogota because I feel that it offers a mix of all the activities I love. I love history and would be enchanted by the old cathedrals and architecture. Additionally, I love to stay entertained and would love to see live performances and enjoy the Bogota night life.

Additional Traveling Info
Bogota Stadium
Bogota Stadium. Photo credit: Felo Carmelo.
Bogota Church
Bogota Church. Photo credit: David Garzon