Sunset at Balinese Beach.

Bali, Indonesia

Facts About Region: Bali is a province of the Republic of Indonesia, as well as, the largest archipelagic country in the world. The population of Bali is over 3,000,000 with the majority of Balinese practicing Hindu. The southern region of Bali is the most popular and successful with most jobs being found in the tourism industry.

Tips for Traveling There: Considering the size of Bali, it is not difficult to get around with various modes of transportation. While cars and boats are typically the preferred travel method, there is no train system that exists.

Things to Do/See There: Due to the natural beauty that exists in Bali, there are many breath-taking sites to see. From the sacred cool springs of Tirta Gangga, to the Taman Ayun Temple, to the Indonesian Waterfalls there is something astonishing to see all over the island.

Why I Want to Travel There: I hope to travel to Bali one day because I really admire their way of life. I love seeing pictures of all of the phenomenal scenery. I would also really like to travel to Bali because the residence all seem to be very happy and enjoy a slower paced and relaxed lifestyle!

Additional Traveling Info
Balinese Ocean Dining.
Balinese Ocean Dining. Photo credit: Georgie_C.
Holy Spring at Tirta Empul.
Holy Spring at Tirta Empul. Photo credit: Rita Juliana.