Eating and Buying Local

Best Gainesville Restaurants for Local Eats

Not everyone is interested in shopping at a farmers market or a meat market then going home and cooking their own meals. If you are more of an eating out type, there are plenty of restaurants around Gainesville that but local meat or produce to use in their delicious dishes. Here's a list of just a few of them:

Emiliano's Cafe

Latin, Caribbean, Tapas

352 375-7381

7 SE 1st Ave.

Gainesville, FL, 32601

Mildred's Big City Food

Fusion, Sandwiches, Pasta, Seafood

352 371-1711

3445 W Univ. Ave.

Gainesville, FL, 32607

Paramount Grill

Steak, Seafood, Salads

352 378-3398

12 SW 1st Ave.

Gainesville, FL, 32601

The Jones Eastside Eatery

Fusion, Vegetarian

352 373-6777

401 NE 23rd Ave.

Gainesville, FL, 32609

The Top

Fusion, Vegetarian

352 337-1188

30 N Main Street

Gainesville, FL, 32601

Boca Fiesta

Mexican, Vegetarian

352 336-8226

232 SE 1st Street

Gainesville, FL, 32601