Eating and Buying Local

The Meat Market

UF Meat Market
Cuts of meat at UF Meat Market

A well-kept secret in The UF community is the UF Meat Market. Located on Shealy Drive off SW 16th Avenue, the market is only open Fridays, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., except on holidays. The meat that is sold in the market comes from animals that are grown on or around UF property. The cows and pigs are free range and fed a healthy, organic mix of grains. They are raised and eventually slaughtered humanely, following USDA-FSIS regulations. Throughout the entire process, instructors for the College of Animal Sciences use the cows and pigs as a teaching tool for the students in the college. The sale of the meat is mainly to recover expenses from the cost of buying the animals.

Twenty different cuts of pork and beef are sold in the market, with sides of beef, beef hindquarters, and roasting pigs available upon request. Prices vary but are generally competitive with typical grocery store prices, and the quality is better since it's all completely local. The better cuts of meat are available earlier in the day, so get there early. People come from as far as Orlando to buy from the meat market for their restaurants or their personal use. Buy yourself a tenderloin steak or a New York strip steak to really appreciate what locally grown meat is all about!