Sell, Sell, Sell!

The most prominent aspect of selling something on Craigslist is that they don’t charge a fee like most other online classified advertisement services. Selling is done in a one on one fashion usually with email and phone call exchanges. There are proper ways to sell on Craigslist that will give the potential buyer more “trust” in your product. The following are some basic steps to assure quality in your listing as well as appropriate contacting with the potential customer.
Step 1 - Categorizing
Step 2 - Listing
Step 3 - Picture(s)
Step 4 - Contacting
Step 5 - Finalizing

Step 1

It's easy to post on Craigslist by clicking on the "Post to Classifieds" link in the top left hand corner of the homepage. Then you will be asked to pick a city that you want to post your add, as well as a category. There are quite a few categories on Craigslist, so it’s very beneficial to list your item in the appropriate category. Such as if you wanted to sell something sports related, you would put them in the “sporting” category, or if you are trying to sell something housing related you would put the listing in the “housing offered” section. There are plenty of categories that can meet your listing needs, and finding the appropriate category will undoubtedly drive more traffic to your page.


Step 2

It's beneficial to have a solid title of your listing. For instance, when selling something like a car, don’t put: 2002 Honda Accord. Give the viewer more in-depth detail in your title so they are more enticed to click on your listing. A better title would read: 2002 Honda Accord, Low Miles, Good Condition, Drives Well. These words appeal to the viewers of your product. Add solid adjectives and descriptive words that can support and can make your product stand out. Don’t lie in the title, but point out the positives, and save any negative parts of your listing for the product description. In the product description, it’s good to use some sort of html coding, even if it’s the basics of strong for bold or em for italics. HTML is not required but it will make the listing more professional and appealing. Don't forget to add your location and price as well. This is located next to the "posting title" of the listing.


Step 3

Craigslist provides a simple photo upload method from your computer to add photos to your listing. This can be found below where you put in the description of the item and they give you 4 photo slots. Any additional photos can be uploaded through your own html. Make sure to take a personal picture of the item you’re trying to sell. Customers respond better when they see the actual product and its condition, not a fake or stolen picture of your item. Point out the blemishes and the faults of the product so that your honest to the customer and in doing so if he or she decides to buy the item, you won’t be wasting your time, or their time.


Step 4

You want your potential customer to be able to contact you about your listing. The best way is by email. Email has the capability of a spam filter, which will potentially weed out the scammers who aren’t really interested in the product. You also have the ability to hide your email when posting on Craigslist. It will simply show a random Craigslist email address that when messaged will be directed to the email address you provided when posting. Text messaging is also a great way to communicate with your customer because it's quick and easy. People will look at a text message from an unfamiliar number more often than answering the phone from an unfamiliar number. After texting, then you should have a good feel for the type of person you are dealing with, and if necessary, then you can move to a phone conversation.


Step 5

After completing your product description and uploading your pictures, just simply push the “continue” button which will bring you to a “submit” page. After verifying your listing and checking for accuracy, simple submit it and one of two things will happen. Either your listing will be published on the spot, or it will ask you for a confirmation email. If you receive this, simply follow the link that is provided and it will automatically confirm your listing.


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