Protect Yourself!

Craigslist is keen on the safety of its users. They offer great help and advice sections, as well as information on how to avoid scams and fraudulent behaviors.


There are a few signs that can show various types of inappropriate use of Craigslist’s website, predominately with email. It’s not uncommon to run into a bad situation in an email conversation with someone who you’re trying to do “business” with. In the emails, if you ever notice the other person providing you a link that has nothing to do with the product, its most likely fraud. If they want you to sign up for something or go tell you they’ll buy your product if you register with a link that they provide, it’s a scam.

Scamming on the internet has become popular in recent years, especially on a website where advertising is free. Another example of scamming is when someone is asking for all of your information outside of your name, such as address and zip code. If you’re asked to use a type of money “wiring” service, always decline. This usually involves one party “guaranteeing” something, and you can never trust anyone who just “guarantees” you something via the internet.


The best method to avoid these types of problems is to meet face to face with the opposite party, to ensure you get a proper transaction.

Craigslist Scams for more in-depth details of scamming, as well as examples of some you might run across.