Jobs on Craigslist

Now Hiring!

Craigslist is also a great way for employers and potential employees to post job positions, services and resumes. Posting in this section is done in same fashion as you would any other secion. Except this time after clicking on the “Post to Classifieds” link, look for the category “job offered” or “resume/job wanted” and select one of the two.

The Jobs and Services section is basically a two-way street in which employers can meet employees. Advertisements for certain positions will be posted, just as a normal “now hiring” would be anywhere else. There is no limit to the types of jobs that people post, and more employers are using Craigslist due to its rise in popularity. Also, the employer doesn’t have to pay to advertise the job.

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Craigslist also offers a dedicated section by jobs and services that are solely dedicated to resume posting. This section is usually entitled to two different types of posting. The first type is one in which the employee post his or her certain credentials and talents. These are usually those who are looking for jobs in which resumes aren’t entirely necessary to have. On the other hand, people will post there whole resume or link to their resume, to attract more attention to a full time job or career.