Come Together!

The web has become a popular place for users to log on and share their ideas and thoughts with people from all across the globe. Given the vast amount of users on Craigslist, their forums have become very popular for many reasons, locally and globally.

Although they could be misconstrued as similar, the “community” section and the “discussion forum” section are posted differently. With the “community” category, you would simply click the “Post to Classified” link and then click “community.” Then you would continue to post as you would anywhere else, with a title, description, and optional pictures. The real difference is in the “discussion forum” section, where you don’t need an email to post. This section requires you to create an account, and a separate “handle” to be allowed to post. This can be found by simply clicking on the category under “discussion forum” on the home page that you’re interested in. Once you create a handle, it will allow you to use that same handle when posting under any specific forum category.

Craigslist also offers a “Personals” section which has anything and everything to do with human relationships and romantics. Whether it’s dating, casual or just platonic, it offers a chance for people to find someone who shares a common interest. To pose here simply follow the "Post to Classified" link and click on the "personal/romance" link. Then add a title, description and optional pictures and finalize your posting.

red card

Even though it seems like Craigslist is an "anything goes" website, it certainly isn't. They do all they can to make the site enjoyable to its users, but in return they want you to act responsibly.

So avoid a "red card" and stay in the game! Always adhere to Craigslist’s Terms of Use when using their website.