For Sale!

Craigslist has a vast amount of items from numerous amounts of locations around the globe that are “For Sale.” In order to narrow down your searches, try and start locally. Such as if you’re from Orlando, Florida, search for your item in that city and if there is no listing for it, then search for it in the closest city to Orlando. Of course, there will be items that aren’t necessarily considered “close” travel distances that you want to check out. If so, be sure to make good contact with the seller. Email is always a strong method, but many sellers like to provide there phone numbers, recommending you to text message first. People have the tendency to ignore phone calls if they aren’t familiar with the number, but with a text message showing interest the item, won’t be ignored.


So the most beneficial "buying" aspect on Craigslist is that you are close to the product and have the ability to personally go check it out to determine if it’s in fact legitimate. People rarely list items that have shipping information or details. This is not saying the seller won’t ship the item if you’re willing to pay for it, but it’s assumed you are coming to look at the product or meeting up with them to look at it. This avoids any confusion that might come with shipping. The biggest problem of shipping is that you don’t get to see the item firsthand and might not ever receive it.

Buying on Craigslist certainly has its advantages. You’re most likely to get the item cheaper than you would in a retail store. As the saying goes, “someone’s junk is someone else’s treasure.”