A list of University of Florida advenures to do before you graduate

I asked 100 students what they their favorite memories of Gainesville were and what they would reccomend all students must do before they graduated. These were the top responces...

Attend a Gator Football game in the Swamp
Enjoy a pitcher on Swamp Front Lawn
Dance in Dance Marathon
Take a class at Southwest Recreation Center
Wear a birthday sign to midtown
Visit the Bat House
Road trip to a Gator away game
Eat Kirshna lunch in Plaza of the America’s
Join a Student Organization
Paint the 34th Street wall
Live in the dorms
Attend a philanthropy
Sightsee near Lake Alice
Decorate and hang-up a $1 bill at Balls
Sleep at a fraternity or sorority house
Go to Lake Wauberg
Jump in the Broward Pool
Complete Stadium Stompers
Go to the Downtown Art Festival
Tubing trip to Ginnie Springs
Visit the Harn Museum
Vote in a Student Government election
Attend Gator Growl & Homecoming festivities
Take a picture with Albert and Alberta
Volunteer in the Gainesville community
Be the headline of an Alligator Article
Eat at Satchels Pizza
Saki bomb at Tatu
Sunday Funday at 101 Cantina
Visit Kanapaha Botanical Gardens
Take a class outside your major
Visit Devil's Millhopper
Befriend a professor
Wear jorts to a sporting event
Attend a social
Go on a Woodser
Take a picture with the Bull Gator
Buy a Gator Alum Sweatshirt