Tired of Losing Money? Too afraid to even sit down at the Blackjack table?

Standard Blackjack Table from the Public Domain

Don't Worry, I'm Here to Help. But First Things First...

The odds are against you no matter what. Do you think all these humongous, expensive casinos would exist if they weren't the ones making money? Of course not. You can follow all of my advice and the dealer will still have the advantage.

It Looks Fun Though Doesn't it?

You're on vacation. You want to feel the thrill of playing. The casino loves people like you even more. They think you don't know how to play. They think you're going to make all the wrong moves. They think you won't know when it's time to quit. With my help, you are going to show them that they have greatly underestimated you. You will be able to have fun playing and give yourself the best chance to walk away with their money.

Why you should listen to me:

I have played many different times and in different places. I have played in venues from cruise ships to the Atlantis Hotel. I have researched and practiced in order to give myself the best chance to win and force myself to leave at the right time. I have netted hundreds of dollars in my time playing Blackjack, and although luck has a lot to do with it, my strategies have also made it possible. Although the venues may change, the basic principles stay the same. Once I teach you these principles, you will be in the best shape to win in whatever casino you go to.