Do I Hit or Stay?

When it is your turn to make a move, the most basic decision you must make is whether to hit or stay. If you hit you will receive another card and if you stay you will end your turn and wait until the dealer makes his move to see if you win or not.

What does the Dealer have?

Your decision to hit or stay is based on both your cards and the card that the dealer is showing. Although you do not know the value of the dealer's face down card, assume it has a value of 10 because 10's-Kings are all worth that amount.

Because the dealer must hit on soft 17 and below, cards 2-6 are all considered "bust" cards. If the dealer has a 2-6 showing, hit only until you reach a score of 12 or higher. Instead of trying to get a higher score than what you think the dealer has, plan on the dealer busting and do not risk busting yourself. One special case in which it is slightly in your favor to hit, is when you have 12 against a 2 showing for the dealer, but overall, do not risk busting against a bust card.

If the dealer has a 7-Ace showing, hit until you reach a score of at least 17. Do not hit at 17 or greater because the odds of busting are very high. If the dealer has Blackjack, they will let you know automatically, so do not worry about it when deciding to hit or stay. Simply follow these basic rules and you will be in a better position to win.

To learn a couple more advanced moves, continue on to Double/Split.