A Guide to Camping in Florida


If for one thing only, Florida is known for its heat, which - let's be honest - without airconditiong can be brutal. It's important to keep the weather in mind to have the most enjoyable camping experience.


In my opinion, fall and spring are the best seasons to go camping in Florida. It's not too hot or too cold, and the sun is usually still shining.

The weather will be more mild, with warmer temperatures during the day and cooler ones at night, which is perfect for sleeping. It also, hopefully, won't be as rainy.

The only downfall is, if you're going to be by a creek, river, etc., the water might be a little chilly.

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One word: hot. Summer in Florida is pretty consistent in that it's always hot, generally humid and pretty rainy.

Summer can be a wonderful time to go camping if you plan on spending most of your day floating down a creek or playing in the water to cool off. Nights can get pretty uncomfortable, though, due to the relentless heat.

To make the most out of summertime camping, don't forget your bathing suit, sunscreen and rain jacket.

Mosquitoes and other bugs are also something to look out for during the summer. Remember to bring a bugspray or mosquito repellent. Light-colored clothing is also said to help as a repellent.

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Despite its reputation, Florida can get cold, depending on the month and how far north you are.

Winters in Florida are pretty mild, but temperatures do drop significantly at night despite the heavy sun and warmer temperatures during the day.

With the right clothing and gear, winter can be one of the more enjoyable times to go camping and also makes for a different experience.

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