Tips on Learning a Language

Tip from Belio Martinez


"Learning a language is like trying to jump in a swimming pool full of cold water. You have to step back and just jump in. Then enjoy it." Belio advises to fully immerse oneself into the experience in order to learn well.

Tip from Graham Webster


"Date someone from the country you're trying to learn the language from. You will learn in no time."

Tips from David Armas and Buket Havucoglu

Fun Facts about Bilingualism

The European Day of Languages website has a lot of fun facts such as:

  1. At least half of the world's population is bilingual or plurilingual
  2. Bilingualism brings forth several advantages such as learning additional languages faster, enhancing cognitive processes and fostering relationships with other people.
  3. Being bilingual or multilingual can bring more and better job opportunities.

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