Interior Car Care

  1. Start with taking the big pieces of trash out of the vehicle.
  2. If you have a "California Duster," you should start to dust the dashboard, doors, steering wheel and anything else that has dust clinging to it. If you do not have a "California Duster," then you can use a damp rag. Just be sure to let the parts that you wiped down to completely dry before applying any kind of interior protectant.
  3. Apply ArmorAll interior protectant to a dry rag or paper towel and wipe down anything that you want to protect from the sun's rays and other agents. NOTE: DO NOT apply ArmorAll to anything that you grip in the vehicle such as the steering wheel handbrake or foot pedals as this product will make those areas extremely slick and it will become a driving hazard!
  4. To properly vacuum, remove the floor mats from the car, shake them out and vacuum where the mats where. Replace the mats. If you are using a "Shop-Vac" then you will need to make sure that the paper filter is installed in the vacuum, if it is not then when you go to suck up rocks, sand or other debris, it will fly out the exhaust port of the Vac.