Exterior Car Care

  1. Spray off loose dirt bugs or anything that could be knocked off with a water hose
  2. Fill your bucket with water and car wash soap (no dishwashing soap!)
  3. Start washing from the top of the vehicle starting with the roof and then moving to the windows, hood, grill and sides of the vehicle. Focus on the grill and front of the vehicle, this is where bugs accumulate and the acids from their bodies can wreak havoc on your paint job. Don't rush this part!
  4. Be sure to wash soap away after applying and scrubbing. Work in small sections so that the soap will not start to dry to the vehicle's surface.
  5. Try to be environmentally conscious. WIth the presence of so many chemicals in this operation, you can have a negative impact on the environment if you are not careful.Try not to waste product.
  6. Wash you rag out often! I cannot stress this enough! The debris and dirt that your rag picks up will end up being the very thing that scratches your paint job.
  7. Clean all plastic trim as this will help with the application of trim restorer later on.