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Turn the bleachers into your personal runway, ladies.


Sydney in a cute and comfortable outfit.

Whether you are standing for hours in the heat at a football game or sitting in the cramped bleacher sections at a basketball game, you have to be comfortable. That means no heels or other fashion choices that will leave you hurting. Look for clothing with material that breathes and won't cling to your body.

Just ask Sydney Gorodetsky, a second-year family youth and community science major. She said she picks clothing that is comfortable so she won't get distracted at the game.

"If you're not comfortable in the heat, the game would be miserable," she said.

Gorodetsky said she picked the outfit to the right because it will keep her cool during the game. The contrast of the solid orange shirt and the preppy white shorts is sophisticated and fun, and she tops it off with a monogrammed bag and a Gator bow.


Comfort is important, but style is key. Stay away from the mass-produced clothing with Gator logos all over it. That look is too ordinary and dated.

Instead, choose an outfit that incorporates the colors orange and blue. Cristina in a creative and feminine gameday outfit. This gives you the chance to find clothing from any store, and it also lets you get more creative. The possibilities are endless when mixing and matching these spirited pieces.

Don't be afraid to take a fashion risk when choosing your gameday outfit. Cristina Paneque, a second-year journalism student, was daring when she bought a crop top shirt that resembled a football jersey.

"I liked how the shirt is football-themed but still is sexy with the short length," she said.

She paired the outfit with a complementing blue cami, sporty white shorts and an adorable orange and blue headband.

Sundresses are always on trend and are breezy for those hot afternoon games. A popular look is picking a solid blue dress and pairing it with an orange ribbon that ties around your waist like a belt. Tie it with a cute bow for a feminine twist.

Other girls are choosing to wear skirts because of their ability to be matched with various shirts. This gives you the option to create many different looks without buying a ton of clothing. Keep in mind that high-waisted skirts are in right now.

Be bold and cute, but most of all, have fun with it!