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The finishing touch.

No ensemble is complete without the final touch of accessories. From bows to bling, the options are endless.


Necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Oh my.

There is no shortage of Florida Gator jewelry available. You can even find street vendors selling team-spirited jewelry at tailgates before games. The problem is to find the best and most fashionable jewelry that will stand out in the blur of orange and blue.

Just ask Alyssa Hockensmith, a second-year telecommunications major. She found the jeweled Gator bracelet shown to the right at a small store on Sanibel Island.

Gem gator bracelet.

"There was this little shop right near the beach that I randomly decided to check out," she said. "I'm glad I did because I bought my favorite piece of jewelry there!"

Try to pick pieces that don't have the Florida Gator logo on it. A life-like alligator figure gives the look a more sophisticated feel, whereas the common Florida Gator head looks commercial and outdated.

Jewelry with orange and blue jewels are both fun and spirited. Pick a cute design, such as a flower or heart pendant, to update the look.

It's important to go to stores that don't have the same merchandise that other ones have. Smaller companies have unique takes on items, and less people will be wearing what you have on. It may take some time to find the perfect piece, but a memorable outfit is always worth it.

Throw out the orange and blue costume beads. It's time to step up your game as the Gators win their own game.


A purse is more than something to hold your keys and cellphone. It can make a statement.

Mascot Albert backpack.

Just ask Cristina Paneque, a second-year journalism student who's favorite accessory is a cuddly purse that looks like UF's mascot named Albert.

"Every time I wear my Albert bag, people stop and give me compliments," she said. "It's fun and cute."

She said she doesn't need to worry about setting her purse down in the bleachers because her bag can always hang on her back.

"I usually don't know the people behind me in the stands, so it's always good to know my stuff is safe since Albert is on my back," she said.

You can even get a purse that is made out of a football. You don't have to know how to throw it, but it looks stylish on your shoulder!

With all of these options and countless others, there is no excuse not to have a fun, spirited bag.