Pre-Ballet 101

Dance Anatomy

Understanding dance anatomy is really important! Their bodies are developing, and what they do now will affect their future. This is one thing that you must look at as far as ballet training that a teacher has had. Do they make sure safety is priority?

Anatomy Book

Here is one for the most well known dance anatomy book that you can purchase on Amazon. Dance Anatomy (Sports Anatomy) By, Jacqui Haas

The author Jacqui says, "’Dance Anatomy’ is a tool to help dancers understand their anatomy both for injury prevention and to improve their technique. Giving dancers a visual link to their muscles helps them understand how the movement actually happens. The book is full of almost 200 color illustrations."

Also, you should take in account your childs developmental track. Know what their bodies are physically capable of! Below you will find some of those guidelines.

Dance Anatomy Video of Dancer's and Teachers

Age Appropriate Dance Objectives

A child in the 3-5 year old range should be able to successfully complete the following physical movements. 1. Can jump over objects that are 5-6 feet high
2. Hop on one foot 2-3 times
3. Skip on one foot for 10 seconds
4. Skip with one foot only and gallop
5. Clap along with the beat of music
6. Be able to complete a 2-3 part task
7. Play make believe
8. They can explain what happens next
9. Run around obstacles
10. Understand differences (up/down)

Taking a Pre-Ballet class can enhance the development of these skills! For more information visit: Bucks County Intermediate Unit #22