Pre-Ballet 101

What is Pre-Ballet

Ballet Fun!

Pre-Ballet is a very basic ballet class for children between the ages of 3 and 5. It focus's on the basic arm and feet positions, skipping, leaping, and many other fundamental skills that are needed. Pre-Ballet is also a great activity for children to not only work on their motor skills, but to enhance their interaction skills as well.

Site Summary

There are a couple different kinds of pre-ballet classes available from very immaginative to Russian boot camp. This site is a compilation of information designed to make sure you understand the capablitly of your child through looking at the anatomy, and knowing what to look for in a ballet teacher so you can choose the right pre-ballet class for your little dancer to be! This site will also be informative for those who are considering teaching Pre-Ballet.

My Qualifications

My name is Taylor Mann. I have danced since 1995 under the instruction of Cameron Dancenter. In 2002 I was invited to become a member of Chrysalis, which is their pre-company. In 2004 I became a member of the Danscompany of Gainesville through Cameron Dancenter. I am now in Triple Corp, which is the advanced company.

I have danced roles in their Productions. I was the "Winter Fairy" in their full length ballet of Cinderella and was "Dorothy" in their jazz production of "The Wiz".

I fell in love with teaching dance back in 2006 when I became a teachers assistant. I have assisted many pre-ballet classes under the instruction of Becky Farber and I currently assist Chrysallis under the instruction of Linda Thomas. From 2004 to 2008 I directed and taught classes and dance camps at my childhood church for free. I really wanted to give every girl the chance to dance at least once.

Currently I have started a dance studio at my church, Westside Baptist Church in Gainesville, FL with a friend of mine. We offer Pre-ballet and jazz and Beginning ballet and jazz.

My Pre-Ballet Class