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About Officiating

Becoming a basketball official is not easy; it takes awareness, good critical thinking skills and an excellent knowledge of basketball to become a good official. This website is devoted to showing how to become a good basketball official and then taking the basic skills and adapting them in order to become a truly great official.

Photo by Chris Lee.

This website contains a history page called rule changes which will focus on a couple major rule changes that have taken place in basketball. Also included will be a link to the current rules that are used to officiate University of Florida intramural basketball and closely follow the rules for high school basketball officials.

Also included is a basics page that focuses on court positioning, reporting fouls to the scorekeeper and game management. There will be a video that shows how to report fouls and on some of the game management calls like time out, jump ball and starting the clock.

Then comes the page that will go over every violation and foul call you will have to make as an official. It will show you the preliminary signal for a violation and the different preliminary signal for a foul. This page will also have a video demonstrating on the hand signals you will have to use.

Basketball court at South West Recreation Center, Gainesville, Fla. Whatever court you are assigned to it is important that you know your surroundings. Including where the scorekeeper is, the scoreboard and where the crowd is sitting. Photo by: Chris Lee.
Basketball Court

The last page is devoted to an interview I conducted with the supervisor of basketball officials for University of Florida Intramurals Zachary Watson. In which he goes into detail over what it takes to become a great basketball official. Since I have only been an official for one semester it is important to talk officials who have more experience then myself. I also talked to Aaron Hobson, coordinator for Competitive Sports at the University of Florida. Both Watson and Hobson’s answers will be utilized throughout the site.


My authority on this topic comes from my experience. This is my first semester as intramural basketball referee. I also have an excellent knowledge of basketball rules and the game itself. I also have had the opportunity to work with at least one veteran official during each of my shifts who helped me learn how to improve as an official. Hopefully, this site will help anyone who has aspirations of becoming a good basketball official.