There are so many TV series airing on different channels. Each channel works very hard to produce the TV series that can achieve the highest audience rating, which makes those who are crazy about TV series even more excited.

Are you addicted to TV series?

"And I realized that a television is like a cake. Once it's in your house, you have to have some. And then, once you have a piece, you still can't help but stick a finger in the frosting, and maybe cut a few slivers off, eat a rose. The only difference is that with a cake, at some point you finish it and you're released from its magnetic draw-but TV is never all gone. There is always more TV." ----From Rachael Combe (ELLE)

Look at the 200 Ways to Tell You are Addicted to TV Series! How many ways sound familiar to you?

Effects of being addicted to TV series

Why are people addicted to TV series? I believe different people have different answers to this question. Some people want to get away from the stress in their work or daily life. Some regard it as a way to relax and kill time. Others may just be obsessed with the actor or the actress in the TV series.

Whatever the reason is, being addicted to TV series can have a negative effect on one's personal life. Just to name a few:

Less social activity: you will spend less time socializing with your family and friends or participating in outdoor activities;

Schema in your brain: you tend to perceive the world in the way that the TV series portrays it (for example, if you watch too much NCIS, you would tend to believe that the world is full of crime);

Harm to eyes and weight gains: Spending too much time watching TV series can harm your eyesight and soon you will find yourself gaining a lot of weight because of eating snacks while watching TV instead of working out;

Feel guilty?: Have you ever postponed your task or assignment just because your favorite TV series is on TV? After watching the series or even when you are watching, do you feel guilty? The guilty feelings can add tension to your brain and may cause depression. suggestions

Suggestions to Beat Addiction

"Like kicking any habit, half the battle of TV addiction is acknowledging the problem and making the commitment to change." ----From Stealth Health (Reader's Digest)