Going Meat-Free! *The Vegetarian Way*

Lenten season diet is all about giving up certain food especially meat for a certain amount of times or days like the Fridays of the lenten season. It is the best way to spent the lenten season; however, it isn't always easy to come up with a non-meat-based meal that everyone will like

Tips for a Better Lenten Season

Make a Plan

If you tend to forget it is Lent and tend to accidentally eat meat, you have to learn to plan ahead, especially if you have a whole family you want to participate in the tradition. First off, when Lent is approaching, make a list of meal ideas (or just choose my ideas from below!) Tell your family that for the Fridays during Lent you will only be eating meals off of that list

Eating out

Eating out is always a possible option also the easiest way to get a healthy meal during lent.

Some possibilities

Hope these tips help!!