Lent and Me

Growing up, I did not have a better understanding of the Lenten Seanson not until 9th grade after my confirmation. I felt like I was a new born and since I became a truly and devoted Catholic Christian.

New born really!!!

Yes! I felt like a new born because I started to take my religious faith and beliefs more seriously and also I prayed more often. Not only that, I also started to have a better understanding of the religious seasons and learn new things about them. I was quickly learning how to fast and go meatless during lenten seanson which is the best way to go for a better Lenten Season.

Unlike other diet someone could put himself or herself in, going meat free is one of the most difficult diet someone could ever imagine going into.

My Experiences

Going meatless is one of the most amazing adventure I have ever experienced in my life. When I first started, it was not easy at all. I sometimes questioned myself, what did I put myself into? I tried to give up several times because my craves for meat would not let me be. But as motivated and persistent I was, I did not give up and successfully I made it to the last day which was Good Friday

Jesus on the Cross