Kripalu Yoga

Anita Sanci | Professional Kripalu Yoga Instructor

Anita Sanci and Student
Anita Sanci, on right, poses with her student.

Anita Sanci is E-RYT 500 plus certified plus yoga instructor from Discovery Yoga and has been practicing Kripalu yoga for over 10 years.

Why did you start practicing yoga?
I started practicing yoga after being diagnosed with cancer. That's what brought me to yoga. I was looking for a less stressful way of life. I thought that yoga would help me to be calm and bring a different perspective into my life and it did.

How is Kripalu different from other types of yoga?
Kripalu Yoga was named after Swami Kripalu, who came from India. It is known as the yoga of the heart and the yoga of compassion. In Kripalu, you are given permission to do what works for you. It is all about listening to your body and following the wisdom of your own inner knowing.

What is your favorite thing about yoga?
My favorite thing about yoga is the people.

What are some common misconceptions about yoga?
Sometimes when you say Kripalu yoga, people say, "Oh that? That's the real easy one." And my answer to that is, "Well, it can be done gentle, moderate or vigorous. It's multilevel and can be done at whatever level you choose to do it at.
The other misconception is that yoga is a religion. It is not a religion. When you do yoga, you might become a more spiritual person because your mind becomes calmer, you become more peaceful, which could allow you to connect more to your own religion or whatever your own beliefs are, but it is not a religion.

How do you address those issues?
Do your homework, investigate, know the facts and the real truth and don't be misguided by rumor and false statements. Don't be ignorant, know the facts. Start studying. Go to the library and get books on yoga. When you get these books, some of the books will say different things. Get a lot of information. Draw your information from all areas and then you come up with the truth.

What is your best advice for someone who wants to start yoga?
My advice for someone who wants to start yoga is to ask their friends, family and people around them for recommendations. A lot of times there are people in your own little area that are already practicing yoga. Go to several different studios and different teachers and you will find one that connects with you. Try to go to a studio that is yoga alliance approved. Try to go to a teacher that you've heard about, possibly certified with someone that you know. It's always good to find recommendations.

The most important thing is does the teacher give a lot of cues about being safe. You want someone who is going to keep you safe in class, make you aware of keeping you in the postures in a safe way and gives you permission to do modifications and variations. Always, number one, safety.