Kripalu Yoga


There are many different materials to use during your yoga practice. Some of these items can help to deepen the practice, while others are just fun to have.

Yoga Mat The most important item in yoga is a yoga mat. There are many different kinds of yoga mats varying in design and thickness. I find that thicker mats are more comfortable during floor exercises because they provide extra cushion. Yoga mats can be found anywhere. Specialty fitness stores carry them as do some yoga studios. I found that they best place to get them is either Target or Walmart. Mats sold there are normally packaged with additional props such as a mat holder, which is useful for carrying your matt on your back.

Yoga Blocks Some yoga instructors like to incorporate the use of yoga blocks into their practice. Blocks are useful in aiding flexibility. Yoga blocks can often be found being sold with yoga straps.

Yoga Strap Yoga straps are also used with aiding flexibility. They help to extend your reach.

Yoga Pillow Although not necessary, eye pillows are a great way to end your yoga practice. These pillows can be lightly scented. They are used during final relaxation. They create a gentle pressure on your eyes and help block out lights in the studio. I bought mine through my yoga instructor but it is also very simple to make your own.

Yoga Blanket Blankets can be used throughout the practice. They can be folded underneath you to help prop you up and can be used to help keep you warm during final relaxation since your body will begin to rapidly cool down.

Yoga Clothes A fun and important aspect of practicing yoga is the getting to wear exciting workout clothes. It is important to be mindful when choosing yoga clothes. During your yoga practice, you will be bending over and moving around a lot. Some stores cater to yoga clothing. is a fitness site that provides stylish yoga apparel.

This may seem like a lot to start with. Depending on where you go to practice, some places will allow you to borrow their props. Your most important investment will be your yoga mat. Yoga is normally performed barefooted and some people are not comfortable using a mat where other's feet have been.