Sarkara Sweets

Ready for a Delicious and Healthy Treat?

After years of taste testing and tinkering with recipes and ingredients, the Brownings have tapped into the food sciences to bring a healthy and delicious alternative to the calorie conscious. Sarkara Sweets uses no animal products in their confections and offers a fresh-baked selection of healthy, alternative treats daily at their 2nd Avenue location. In addition, Sarkara Sweets baked goods are now avialable at the Reitz Union's P.O.D. Market as well as Beaty Market and Graham Oasis dining hall.

Relaxed and Casual

A welcome addition to the Gainesville eatery scene, Sarkara Sweets offers a relaxed and casual atmosphere for diners, shoppers and theatregoers. The lounge area features comfy sofas and beanbags as well as table seating and is well stocked with a slew of games including Backgammon, Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly. Champagne, wine and coffee and tea are also available, so bring a few friends or just relax with your sweetie--Sarkara Sweets has something to tempt every taste bud!