Sarkara Sweets

Just What Does "Sarkara" Mean?

Featuring flavors like caramel banana rum, chilichocolate and traditional red velvet cake brimming with mouth-watering fillings and frostings like almond butter, peach champagne and key lime, Sarkara (Sanskrit for course-ground sugar) Sweets offers a delicious alternative for dessert noshing in downtown Gainesville.

A Little More About Sarkara Sweets

But who would have thought that this most delectable of confections could be healthy as well! This delicious departure from traditional dessert fair is the brainchild of owners Stephanie and Susan Browning. Their 2nd Avenue cupcakery offers customers vegan and vegetarian versions of the classic all-American cupcake with a decadent selection of cakes, fillings and frostings, plus your choice of toppings such as white chocolate syrup, candied rose petals or espresso beans. Sarkara Sweets can also create raw food, sugar-free and gluten-free variations of most flavors. Please call in advance to place orders for these items.

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