So you want to be an College Athlete??

Morning Activities (Waking Up)


Being an athlete looks good on gameday when you're playing in front of thousands of fans but nobody takes into account the work that goes in before it. As an athlete you have to train hard especially playing in the SEC you'll face the best competition.

To start off a typical day you'll be waking to the sound of your alarm as early as 5:15am depending on which sport you play and Football happens to be one those sports that require you to lift weights in the morning. I'm totally not a fan of waking up that early, it takes sometime to get used because those first couple of mornings you'll feel like you haven't gotten any sleep. As time goes on your body will adjust to getting up. The lifting can be anywhere from 6:00-8:00am and usually last from about an hour to an hour and a half.

After workouts comes the time designated for your classes. Depending on how many credit hours you are required to have, will determine your course load. Most students normally have 4-5 classes during their fall and spring sememsters which is normally 12 to 15 credit hhours. From 8:30am to about 1:30pm is the window for classes and if there's was ever a conflict with the times your advisor would adjust your schedule so that it would fit into the time you have alotted.

Eating is also a major part of being being a college athlete. Depending of your situation if you are someone who needs to gain weight, maintain your weight, or lose weight. Whichevr your situation they will have you on a meal plan that monitors what you're putting in your body so that way you get the most out of it. Most college programs have a "breakfast club"( name may vary based on school) where you come in during a certain time during the morning to eat so that the nutritionist can see and make sure you're eating the right things. These are the must-do's during the morning and something you'll do on a daily basis.