So you want to be an College Athlete??

Evening Activities


After you're all done with practice your day isn't over yet. As an athlete you not only have to treat your body right nutritionally you have to treat right physically as well. So after practice you may want to ice down a briuse or get in the cold tank like I do after every practice to refresh your body and get your legs back after a hard days of work. For those who have major injuries they'll spend most of their time in the training room until their healthy enough to practice fully.


Once you leave the athletic facility it's off to go eat dinner at Training Table. Training table is a designated area for all student athlete's in the dining hall the serves a different selection of food to help replenish and re-fuel back your body.

After training table there's tutroing with all the classes you'll miss in season there's tutor's available to keep you from falling behind and keeping up with the material as it's presented to the class.Depending on your strengths and weaknesses they have specfic tutors for specific subjects as well. And once you get all caught up with your tutors and finish your work whatever leisure time you have left you can hangout with friends, play videos games, and enjoy college but you can't be up all night because you have workouts in the morning so use your time wisely