So you want to be an College Athlete??

Afternoon Activities


The afternoon is where you'll get most of your work done. This is where you go out and practice and train. You arenít the star athlete anymore, You have to fight and work for your position day in and day out.

This is the time where you work to perfect your craft no matter what the sport. Like they say "practice makes perfect' so for those who think they're to good to practice they've got another thing coming. If you don't practice you don't play in the games and will move down in the depth chart very rapidly.

A typical afternoon for football would go as planned, 2:15 is when meetings starts so depending when you get out of class you have to get tape and have on your gear on your person before the meetings start.During the meeting coaches will be installing anything new from plays to a new drills that they may want you to learn and perform at practice. As well as, go over film from the previous practice to clean up any mistakes that you may have had so that you can get it corrected and peform at a high level. Every play at practice is recorded so when your excelling it never goes unnoticed but, taking plays off won't go unnoticed either so you have to come to practice with the right mindset everyday.