So you want to be an College Athlete??

Do you have what it takes??


Hello everyone, My name is Frankie Hammond Jr. I'm currently a senior here at The Univeristy of Florida. I'm a dual sport athlete as a member of the Football team as well as the Track & Field Team. Being an athlete has it's rewards but most people just see athlete's when it's game time and in the lime-light. However, most people don't see the hard work and time that is put in before we compete in front of crowds.


Part of being a college athlete is, of course, being a student. If you ask any administrator about the athletes at your school, he/she will call them “Student-Athletes,” because that’s what we are. Not only do we have to play our sport throughout the year, we also have to stay on top of all of our school work. This gets hard during the season, thanks to away games, we frequently miss classes. As an athlete you'll frequently go up to professors, telling them that you’ll be away to compete, and see regular students get a little jealous of the amount of excused absences that your alotted. But honestly, missing class is the worst part of being an athlete. First, your GPA has to remain high or you won't be on the team. Second, there is a maximum number of hours we can take, and usually it is not much higher than the university minimum. That means we really can’t afford to drop too many classes.

Becoming a college athlete will teach you many life skills that will groom you for life after college i.e. adulthood. The skill I think you'll develop the quickest is time-management because when you're a student-athlete your day is basically planned out. From classes, to practice, to workout, to treatments, to even breakfast,lunch, and dinner. All that time will be accounted for. You will still have some leisure time, but use it wisely!!