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Ally and Katie's Dorm

ally and katie's dorm


am a visual learner, so I feel it's important to show some great examples of well done dorm rooms

First up is Ally and Katie's dorm room. Their dorm, like many, came with a desk and chest and bed fram provided by the university.

Adding extra vertical shelving and ulitizing wall space for more decor helped them save space in their little place.

They used slipcovers to dress up their chairs and made personalized, simple art to jazz up the white walls. Using inexpensive fake flowers in small vases provides a pretty and more lived in, feel.

Elizabeth's Dorm

elizabeth's dorm


lizabeth's dorm is decorated in a very preppy style with a lot of pink and green.

Although this isn't everyone's style of choice, it makes for a cute and girl room!

Elizabeth hand-painted the ADPi letters to hang on her wall. You can find these wodden letters at your local craft store and paint them for little over $10.

She also made the hair bow holder she has hanging on the wall next to her window. It's a painted canvas with a ribbon at the top, as a handle, and three ribbons hanging down for the bows to clip on to. The trick with this hair bow holder is to make sure the ribbons are very securely attached to the canvas!