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Budget-Friendly Decorating

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here are certain things for your dorm room or small apartment that you can make yourself, but to save time and sanity it's good to shop around for items, as well.

Bargain hunting can actually be really fun, if you go in with an open mind.

Downsizing from the space, storage and luxuries you had at home to a dorm can take some time to get used to.

That's why making your dorm am aethestically pleasing place you enjoy will truly make it your home away from home!

Saving and Splurging


ollege students are not made of money, we know it's all about saving a buck when you can.

Between antiquing, bargain hunting, shopping sales, DIY projects and borrowing items, students on a budget can do wonders with tier space!

I spent less than $30 on some essentials, shown in the picture above.

The rod iron stand was from T.J. Maxx and I painted the small canvas on the stand with supplies from the craft store Michael's. The fake sunflowers are from Walmart. The blue vase was from Home Goods, the table was borrowed from home and the fun printed coasters were on sale at Michael's!

At the end of the day the items we splurged on, the stand and the vase, were worth it. They made the room feel more like a home!