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Decorating Dorms

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oving into a dorm or small apartment is a big step and a big change.

Not only is adjusting to college life and big deal, but living alone or with people you're not related to can be intimidating.

Downsizing from the space, storage and luxuries you had at home to a dorm can take some time to get used to.

That's why making your dorm an aethestically pleasing place you enjoy will truly make it your home away from home!

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ollege students have a reputation for eating cheap food, tipping badly and being stingy with money.

Although saving and being frugal with money is important, there's something to be said for creating an atmosphere at home that makes you feel good.

After a late night studying at the library, who wants to come home to a place they hate?

Fun dorm decor can be done on a budget, thanks to DIY projects and bargain finds! The little extra effort you put into a room, the more you'll fall in love with it! Everything circled in pink is a DIY project my mom and I worked on to decorate my room!

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